Following Jesus = Laying Down My Rights

Challenging Message: Laying Down My Rights

The fundamental challenge of Christianity is the demand Jesus makes to surrender everything to follow him. As we actually attempt to live this out, we find that we must actually face a decision to lay down our rights.

This aspect of surrender throws us into intense internal conflict, as every part of our human nature cries out for us to hold onto our rights. And yet, we recognize that to move forward in our walk, we must lay down our rights.

How does that feel to you?

Join us as we CONNECT on Sunday, May 31 at 5 PM to take on this issue.

Or, feel free to enter into the conversation by posting a reply below.

1) What makes this kind of surrender so difficult?
2) Have you ever messed up in this area of surrender and hope for a “do over”?
3) Have you made a real breakthrough in this area of surrender?
4) The little Book of Philemon–only 25 verses long–is a great study in one person’s challenge to surrender their rights.   Paul invited Philemon to lay down his rights to recoup his “property”, forgive a wrong done to him, and to sacrifically love someone from a lower social class than him.

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