God Empowers Us as Parents

This weekend, Missy MacPhail willl be bringing a challenging message about God’s plan to empower each one of us as parents for the kids he is bringing to our church.

If you have spent any time with us, you know that we value kids! In many ways, we see them as equal members of God’s Kingdom. In fact, there are times when Jesus says that to follow him, we must become like children!

As the Lead Pastor of the Raytown Vineyard Church, I find it exciting to simply watch what God is doing as we seek his heart for the kids in our church, our community, and the world.

This weekend, we all get a real treat! I get to spend time hanging out and ministering with our kids downstairs. And upstairs, our Leader for Ministry with Children, Missy MacPhail, will be bringing another challenging message to the adults. Missy and I get to “switch places” 4 times each year. And I eagerly look forward to it each time. (Someday, I hope to spend time ministering with kids at least once a month. Everything in due time…)

If you’ve heard Missy speak about kids, you know that she has tremendous insights into God’s heart. And this week, she will be sharing about how God empowers us as parents and spiritual parents to teach our kids about Him.

Thankfully, we are now recording the messages, because I can’t wait to hear it later! But I know I’m going to have a great time with the kids. As usual, I expect I will learn more from them than they learn from me…

Let’s kick off a discussion here…how have you personally observed God empowering parents and spiritual parents who are seeking to teach kids about God?

Please feel free to go scroll down and leave a note! And, feel free to come CONNECT with us this Sunday at 5 to hear Missy’s challenging message!

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