Top 10 Ways You Can Participate with our Church Plant

Church Plant

As you may know, the Raytown Vineyard Church is considered a church plant.  But not the leafy green ficus you typcially find around a church sanctuary.  We are considered a church plant because we are a brand new church.

Whether you live around the block, or around the world, there are many ways that you can participate with us as we seek for God to grow our church.  Here, in no particular order, are 10 ways that you–yes, you–can participate with us:

1)  Continue to check out our website and learn more about what God is doing in Raytown:  We are adding new content every week.  Feel free to share what you learn with others.

2)  Join our Intercessory Prayer Team.  We send out a bullet point prayer update weekly.  We simply ask you to look over the items and let us know if you hear anything in your conversation with God.  To be included, please send a request to:

3)  Come share with us in person at the activity of your choice!  (For a list of upcoming events, click here.)

4)  Make a tax deductible contribution to the Raytown Vineyard Church.

5)  Send an encouraging note by mail.

6)  If you have friends and family in the greater Raytown area who you would like us to pray for, please let us know.  If they may be interested in visiting our church, please consider inviting them to come with you for a visit.

7)  Pick up the phone and call us with a word of encouragement.

8)  We are ALWAYS on the lookout for materials to offer kids fun craft activities.  If you have anything from coloring books to construction paper to beads, we can put them all to great use during our outreach events.

9)  Send an e-mail with some encouraging words.

10) Pray for us as often as we appear on your emotional radar.

11)  If you are on Facebook, come join our group!  Its called “Raytown Vineyard Church”. 

(Now if you are paying attention, you recognize that we posed this as a “top 10” list, and here we actually offered 11 items.  Sometimes we are like that.  You’ve heard of a bakers dozen?  Call it the Raytown Vineyard Top 10.)

Thank you to each one who has participated with us in some way over the past 6 months!  We are truly humbled by the ways that so many have contributed to our new church.

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