What is God doing in Raytown?


This week, we are welcoming the 5 members of the 2009 Vineyard Overland Park Summer Staff Team to work in Raytown. We are introducing the group to the experience of church planting by exposing them to a sample of business, government, church, school, and social agencies operating in the Raytown area.

We are also doing several service projects.

Throughout the week, we are asking the Team to investigate the answer to this question: “What is God doing in Raytown”. They will be presenting their findings at the worship service at 5 PM on Sunday evening.

FOLLOW UP NOTE (Added on Monday, July 20, 2009)

The Team did a great job last night summarizing their experiences in Raytown, which varied widely.  We did make an audio copy of the proceedings, which we are happy to make available to anyone who is interested.  Just click on the following link to listen to the entire worship service.

The Team Members were:

Anna Corey

Molly Hammack

Sam Corey

Zach Ross

Grace Cook

Here is a list of the 15 community contacts the Team worked with:

Ben Felder, Raytown Post

Jonathon Smith, RadioFreeRaytown

Benetti’s Coffee Experience

Raytown Christian Summer Lunch Outreach

River Christian Fellowship, Summer Lunch Distribution

Al Brown, Raytown Emergency Assistance Program

Jim Laney, ESL Program at St. Matthews Episcopal Church

Vickie Turnbow, Raytown Chamber of Commerce

Building Puppet Stage for Community Events

Southeast Enterprises Sheltered Workshop

Alderman Shane Par-due

Fiesta Azteca Restuaurant

Kansas City Baptist Temple

Raytown Vineyard Swap Meet Ministry

Raytown Vineyard Home Group

One Response to What is God doing in Raytown?

  1. Wayne Granger says:

    Free tour today(7/16)of the Kansas City Dream Center at 4pm. Go to the former Park Lane Hospital and park out front. Another work of God in Raytown.

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