Don’t Dishonor the Poor

Cristo Redentor

I hope to some day visit the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and see this spectacular wonder called Cristo Redentor “christ the redeemer” that has become a significant symbol for the city and for the entire country of Brazil.  Standing 100 feet wide and 120 feet tall, the 635 ton monument sits atop a peak rising more than 2000 feet above sea level.

I hope to verify what I have heard, namely that as you leave the city and climb the hill this statue sits on, the community alongside the road becomes more and more poor.  The neediest are the ones who are physically closest to Christ.

If that’s true, wouldn’t it be so fitting?  God seems to have a preference for promoting the least likely candidates to the places of greatest honor. 

In continuing our discussion on God’s Heart for Service, there are several questions we will be asking during the challenging message on July 26.

  • Who exactly are the poor and needy?
  • Does God see their plight and hear their cries?
  • Why does God once again go contrary to human nature by picking the poor for special honor?
  • Why does God choose to identify himself with the frail, sick, hungry, lonely, and dying? 
  • And why does God choose to disguise himself in these lowly forms?

What do you think?  Leave a comment below. 

Feel free to click on the link to take a look at our Bible passage for the evening:  James 2:1-16.

And come join us this Sunday at 5 PM as we CONNECT with a challenging message called “Don’t dishonor the poor”.

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