Partnership with Laurel Hills Elementary School

As a young church, we are deeply committed to coming alongside and partnering with those who are already doing a great job serving our community.  When the opportunity came along to enter into a partnership with the great folks at Laurel Hills Elementary School, we jumped on it.  It has been wonderful to make some great new friendships with the staff, PTA, parents, and students at Laurel Hills.

In conjunction with this new partnership, here are 3 of the activities we have been able to share with the school in the past week:

1)  Back to School Registration

We set up a craft table for the kids to enjoy while their folks were taking care of paperwork, and we provided some interpretation assistance for parents who speak Spanish.

2)  Painting & Weed Control

It was a lot of fun for us to paint some pawprint tracks across the driveway, (Laurel Hills’ mascot is the “leopard”) as well as freshen up some of the curb striping and do some weed control.

3)  Back to School Welcome Bags

We started delivering personalized back to school welcome bags to each staff member working on campus. 

We look forward to seeing where this partnership leads as we seek to come alongside this very dedicated staff, PTA, parents, and students.  If you have any ideas for us, or if you would like to join with us in supporting this school, please feel free to leave a note below or contact us directly at:


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