God’s Heart for Work

Labor Day 2009

On Labor Day Weekend, 2009, many of us will pause to celebrate the symbolic end of the summer with traditional cook-out parties.  The Raytown Vineyard Church is no different.  In fact, feel free to click here to see our upcoming events, and you will notice that we are also hosting a Labor Day Party.

We also thought that there may be no better time to actually spend some time to talk about “God’s Heart for Work” that Labor Day!  After all, many of us spend 40 plus hours actually working each week, and even more time preparing to go to work, getting back and forth to work, and generally thinking about work.  So just what does God have to say about work?

Here are some of the questions we will be answering:

Where did work come from? 

Didn’t work become part of the human experience as a result of sin entering our world?

Will work be over for us when our lives come to an end?

Does God work?

Does God want us to focus our work vision on our performance, or something else?

Is some work more holy than other work?

What are the lies about work that our culture teaches us, and how can we successfully replace those lies with God’s truth?

Join us this week as we explore a challenging message based on Ephesians 6:5-9 called “God’s Heart for Work”.  Click here if you would like to read the Bible passage ahead of time.

Feel free to post a note and join the conversation.

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