Women of the Christmas Story, Part 1


The Christmas season is a wonderful time to remember the special women who God called to historic roles in the unveiling of the Gospel story.  Mary and Elizabeth are especially noteworthy, but there are others such as the prophetess Anna, as well.

I appreciate this contemporary painting by John Collier, called Annunciation, portraying  the Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary.  It helps me think about Mary not just as a historical figure, but also as a human being.

This Sunday we launch our discussion of the Women of the Christmas  with a discussion on Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Mary received an incredible blessing, the calling to carry and care for Jesus as His mother.  This great calling came with a great deal of blessing, but also with a remarkable level of pain.

Mary’s story opens up so many questions:

What does God’s role for women say about His character?

What can we learn from the discussion between the Angel Gabriel and Mary?

How does Mary’s blessing, and burden, differ from ours?

What happens when a life of faithfully pleasing God takes us on a collision course with living in our “comfort zone”?

And what can we learn about our callings from investigating Mary’s experience?

Join us this Sunday as we CONNECT with these questions and more.

If you would like to read ahead, feel free to take a look at Luke 1:26-56.

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