We Serve an Extravagant God


There may not be a more controversial subject to discuss in church than money.  We could be easily tainted by horror stories of church financial misconduct and spending that cuts against the grain of the gospel of Christ.  Finances can be such a hot topic, it would be tempting to simply avoid any discussions of money in church at all.

However, the Bible actually has a lot to say about the relationship between our faith and our decisions about money.  In fact, there is more in the Bible about wealth, poverty, and money than almost any other subject.  It would be very difficult to have a full conversation about the Christian life without bringing up money.

This week, as we turn our attention to the Bible, we will explore these 4 truths:

1)  God says: “I AM GOD”

2)  God says: “I LOVE YOU”


4) God says: “TRY ME”.

Come and join us on Sunday at 5 PM as we CONNECT in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff, and bring a message called “We Serve an Extravagant God”.

Feel free to take a “sneak peek” at the Scripture passage for the week.

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