Why Does God Allow Christians to Die for Jesus?

January 25, 2012


It is estimated that 70 million Christians have died for Jesus.  And of those, more than half were martyred in the last 100 years.

Is God asleep at the wheel?  Is God unconcerned?  Is God willing to do something, but thwarted in some attempts to save his followers from violence?

Why does God allow Christians to die for Jesus?

The key to understanding how a Sovereign God could allow his followers to face intense struggles in pursuit of a Christian life is found in the pages of the Bible.  It can be summed up in this simple announcement:  “You are already dead.  Your life is hid in Christ”.

This is the conversion that makes Christians so dangerous.

Join us at 10 AM on Sunday as we meet at the Truesdale Home and share a message called “Why Does God Allow Christians to Die for Jesus?” based on Acts 12:1-5.

God’s Heart for North Korea

January 15, 2012

We will be hosting a Special Speaker at 10 AM on Sunday, Janaury 22 at the Raytown Vineyard Church.  We have invited Paul Kim to come and bring a message regarding his thoughts and experiences regarding God’s Heart for North Korea to our church, which now meets at the Truesdale Home.  In an effort to get the word out early, we are posting this note earlier than normal. 

You may know these things about North Korea:

+ Upon the recent death of his father, Kim Jong-un, who is in his twenties, has become the leader of North Korea.

+ North Korea fields the fourth largest army in the world, and has nuclear weapons.

+ The border between North Korea and South Korea is one of the heaviest milatarized zones in the world.

+ The North Korean church is one of the most persecuted in the World.

But did you know:

+ The first Missionary to Korea was martyred just outside the capital city of Pyongyang in 1866.

+ About 40 years later, a great revival broke out in Pyongyang that touched all of the country of Korea. Pyongyang became a center of missionary movement throughout the entire country and region.

+ When Billy Graham’s wife Ruth Bell Graham was growing up as a Missionary Kid of parents serving in China, she attended Boarding School in Pyongyang.

+ There is a growing awareness that God’s work in North Korea is far from over.

We will be sharing a potluck lunch afterwards, so feel free to bring a dish to share.

Here is a little more information about our Guest Speakers:

We are honored to welcome Paul Kim to our church on January 22 to share about God’s heart for North Korea.

Paul and his wife Joy were both born in Korea. Paul immigrated to the US as a boy, and Joy immigrated later in life as an adult in her twenties. They have two wonderful teenaged children.

Paul is dedicated to fasting and praying until they see the realization of their vision for North Korea to be set free to experience open prayer and worship in the name of Jesus.

In July of 2009, Paul was commissioned for ministry to North Korea from Keun Teo church in Busan, Korea.

The Kim family currently resides in Kansas City. Paul serves in the leadership of an international prophetic, healing and deliverance ministry based in Kansas City. Paul also serves in leadership at the Korean United Presbyterian Church of Kansas.

God’s Loving Warnings of Disaster

January 12, 2012

Thanks to satellites like this one, we can get lots of advanced warning about hurricanes.  With the benefit of a view like this from above, it is pretty clear that people along the path of this storm need to take measures now to prepare. 

No matter how calm things seem now, there is a force on its way that could result in disastrous results.  The scale of the devastation is truly proportional to actions that are taken before the storm hits.

In our Scripture passage for this week, God reveals to His people that a worldwide famine is on its way.  There is a specific response that each of the disciples takes.

God promises in Amos 3:7 that He doesn’t do anything without first revealing it to His servants.

How do you react when you hear warnings about upcoming disaster?  Most of us have experienced one or more of these reactions at different times:

Have you been desensitized by the “kooks” who make Doomsday claims to draw attention to themselves as publicity stunts?

Do you take a position of disbelief based on the relative stillness of current conditions?

Or on the other hand, do you go to a place of utter fear and shut down?

Or do you become obssessed and allow the warning to dominate your thinking and activity?

A sizeable portion of the Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament, is a record of God’s warning to His people about upcoming disasters.  In His love, God gives His people these warnings for a specific reason:  so we won’t be surprised and can faithfully prepare.

Feel free to read ahead and see the Scripture passage we will be focused on:  Acts 11:27-30.

Join us at 10 AM on Sunday, January 15 as we meet at the Truesdale Home at 5804 Arlington Ave and share a message called “God’s Loving Warnings of Disaster”.

In God’s Waiting Room…

January 3, 2012

How do you do with Waiting Rooms?

Have you ever felt like God has had you in the Waiting Room?

You have an unquenchable drive to use the gifts He has given you to fulfill the destiny that you know has been prepared for you.  You are needed, it is so clear, and you finally say “yes”.

And then God seems to put you in the Waiting Room.  Despite gifts God has given you, despite the obvious need, and despite the “yes” you now carry in your heart towards taking up God’s assignment, you are officially and divinely placed on “hold”.

If you have ever felt this way, you are in good company.  Even the man who would become the Apostle Paul was quite experienced in waiting to take on the role that God had for him.

This Sunday, we will be sharing from Acts 11:19-26.  This passage describes how Barnabas went to seek out Saul, aka the Apostle Paul, to help with the growing new church in Antioch.  What’s obvious is that Barnabas was an encourager.

One of the incredible things about this story is the length of time from the time that Paul was called to be an Apostle by Jesus to the time when he was actually able to walk out this calling–it was probably 7 years!  That’s a LONG TIME to be in God’s Waiting Room, don’t you think?

How can we remain equally as committed and available to God and his calling on our lives when we are “in between” assignments, no matter how long we are in that spot?

Join us at 10 AM on Sunday as we meet at the Truesdale Home at 5804 Arlington Ave and share a message called “In God’s Waiting Room”.