Fasting for Breakthrough

This week, we examined Acts 13:1-3.  In this chapter, we saw an amazing phenomenon among the early church.  It appears that one of the key components for their decision making was Fasting.

For many of us, fasting is a not-to-often thought about spiritual discipline.  This week, Tim brought a message that included his Top 10.5 Secrets about Fasting, and then we were encouraged to respond by Taking our Temperature for Fasting.

Take a look at Tim’s Top 10.5 Secrets about Fasting.  Then take your temperature for fasting:

Tim’s Top 10.5 Secrets about Fasting

1)  Breakthrough has come in my life around 2-3 tools.  In the past 12 years, one of the most effective tools has been fasting.

2)  God doesn’t invite me to fast so I can get His attention.  He invites me to fast so He can get my attention.

3)  The early church saw fasting as part of a routine part of following Jesus. (Jesus didn’t say “if” you fast.  He said “when” you fast.)

4)  I only fast the things that God is asking me to fast for the period that He is asking me to fast, for the reasons He is asking me to fast .

5)  When I fast, I am accountable to someone.  There are practical reasons for this in the spiritual and in the natural dimensions.

6)  If I mess up in my fast, I don’t freak out and get distracted.  I just ask for forgiveness and press the “restart” button.

7)  When I am  fasting, I may have to accept that it could temporarily outweigh other important parts of my life.

8)  My fast really matters to God.

9)  I ask God for His heart for fasting instead of a religious spirit.

10)  When I fast, sometimes the anticipated Breakthrough comes immediately.  Sometimes the anticipated Breakthrough comes later.  And sometimes the Breakthrough is different from what I expected.

10.5)  As powerful as fasting has been for me as an individual, fasting as a group has been very dynamic.

Taking my Temperature for Fasting

On a scale of 0 to 10, you could rate my knowledge of Fasting at:  

On a scale of 0 to 10, you could rate my maturity of Fasting at:

In my walk with God, the next step in the area of Fasting is (Chose one or more):

Opening my heart, Learning more, Asking God’s forgiveness, Faithfulness with a current Fast, Seeking God’s Heart for a Personal Fast, Seeking God’s Heart for a Group Fast

On a scale of 0 to 10, you could rate my readiness to take the next step in Fasting at:

One Response to Fasting for Breakthrough

  1. Jim Riegel says:

    Excellent practical, Scriptural insights on Fasting, Tim. Thank you.
    I’ve fasted more in the past but Darlene and I do once a week now.
    Your insights have encouraged me to make it more focused.

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