Living by God’s Promises

This week, we examined Acts 13:13-42.  In this passage, Paul was asked to step forward and provide some encouragement for a community who had gone through a lot of adversity.  His message focused on God’s Promises.

God’s Promises reflect so much about His character.  And this panoramic view of the history of God’s Chosen People reveals plenty about God’s personality and the ways that He communicates and leads us through tough times.  God still encourages us with His promises today.

Take a look at Tim’s Top 10.5 Secrets about Living by God’s Promises.  Then answer questions about where you are in receiving and walking out His promises:

Tim’s Top 10.5 Secrets about Living by God’s Promises

1)                  God’s promises depend on His character and personality.

2)                  God’s promises are eternal.

3)                  God’s promises come to fruition in the fullness of time.

4)                  God wants to share His promises with us.

5)                  Sometimes things appear to get worse, not better, after receiving God’s promises.

6)                  We receive the fullness of God’s promises through faith.

7)                  Fear keeps us from receiving and seeing God’s promises fulfilled.

8)                  Unbelief keeps us from receiving God’s promises.

9)                  Bitterness & Offense keeps us from fully receiving God’s promises

10)              Write down and track God’s promises.

10.5)            As you are allowed to, share God’s promises with the ones around you.

Joining with God’s Heart for the Promises He has made to me

Is there anything that is keeping you from fully receiving what God has promised you?

Do you know 2-3 promises that God has shared with you?

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