Growing in Worship


We are so excited to welcome Stephanie Richmond to come and speak this week about how to worship God in every aspect of life.

She is highly experienced in this area, having taught intensives for a three year program “Worship Track” in voice, creative arts, & the preferences of God, examples from Mosaic, Davidic, New Testament, & Heavenly Worship. Her work as Worship Director, Recording Studio Mgr, Creative Arts Development, Regional Operation Trainer, Mentor, & Mom are delights in preparation for this season.

Along with husband Damon and their two sons, Dylan and Gage, the Richmonds have a family mission to see Christ’s prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane realized. (John 17) Christ’s prayer was for all believers & those who will believe, to be one, just as God the Father, Jesus the Son, & the Holy Spirit are one.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, the Lord called them to Kansas City as partners with the Daniel Academy & other like-minded families in training up young people who will be lovers of God & do heroic exploits out of His love.


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