God’s Solution for Worry

This week, we took a look at God’s solution for worry.

If you would like to listen to the message, just click here.

Take a look at 7 Truths on God’s Heart about Money.  Then answer the questions about where you are with joining in with this Message:

7 Truths on God’s Solution for Worry

 1)    God cares about you.

 2)    God has all the resources needed.

 3)    God promises to take care of you.

 4)    God created you with a Fight or Flight impulse.

 5)    God’s says that worry is sin.

 6)    God  is shifting you from a focus on you to a focus on the Kingdom.

 7)    God makes amazing promises for those who will live for the Kingdom.


Joining with God’s Heart about Worry


What are 2-3 things that God is highlighting to you regarding His heart about worry?

Which attitudes about worry is God challenging?

What does God want you do about worry this week?

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