Adam Parker Bringing Message on “Serving our Neighbors as an Act of Worship”

Adam Parker

When we scheduled Adam Parker to bring a message on “Serving our Neighbors as an Act of Worship”, we had no idea what would happen in the days leading up to bringing this message.

The Parker’s life is dedicated to assisting families in crisis.  Now they are literally a homeless family with a serious transportation need themselves.

Please join us at  10 AM on Sunday to hear Adam’s perspective on his experience, God’s faithfulness, and serving as an act of worship.

URGENT Parker Family Emergency – Please Pray

We have had 2 major life incidences happen in the past week that we want to share with those close to us. We are asking for your prayers during this time.

Our family van has broken down. We went to Florida for a week for my brother’s wedding. On the way down, our big family van broke down and we received an estimate of $6,000 to work on it, but there was no guarantee that would fix the problem. We are still trying to figure out what to do to get it fixed.

Our Kansas City Home has been destroyed. Just a little while ago, we received an emergency call from a neighbor in Kansas City. We are told that a pipe burst in our Kansas City home and no one noticed it for days. Over 44,000 gallons of water is in our home and has frozen. We have over 3 feet of ice frozen in our home coming out of the windows. We were told that due to the intense amount of water that was on the upper floor, the entire upper floors collapsed and is encased in ice. So in addition to a humungous water bill, all of our possessions are gone. All the family special memories, Stephanie’s grand piano she got from her parents, all furniture, clothes, children’s toys, lost. Everything.
One tangible need that we have now is that because our car is broken down we are not able to drive back and Adam needs to fly out immediately to assess the damage, speak with an insurance adjuster and save whatever can be saved. We will do this while Stephanie stays in Florida with the children. We could use help with the plane ticket and/or cost to fix our van.If you able to help with this, please click here to donate online: 

We don’t know the other tangible items we will need yet. We are still in shock. All we know is we are homeless, stranded in Florida….with no car. However, we know it’s just stuff, we are all safe and we are trusting in the Lord. Please keep our family in your prayers and we will keep you updated on our next steps.
The Parkers
Adam, Stephanie, David, Daniel, Gabriel, Noah, Elizabeth, Ella, Adeline

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