What is God Doing in Europe?

October 26, 2014


We were happy to welcome back the Tendon family.

They have recently returned from a one year term in France, and shared what the Lord is doing in Europe and in their lives.

Please listen to the Tendon’s comments here to be encouraged!

Welcoming the Tendon Family on Sunday, October 26

October 22, 2014



We are happy to welcome back the Tendon family on Sunday, October 26. They have recently returned from a one year term in France, and will be sharing what the Lord is doing in Europe and in their lives.

Doors open at 9:45 AM and we begin singing at 10.

Because we are coordinating a lunch to share, please RSVP either on the Facebook Event Page or by email at:  raytownvineyard@gmail.com.


Webinar Discussion on “Getting Started in House Church”

October 17, 2014

Bill Faris

Bill Faris is a Vineyard pastor, and also an author and speaker.

He recently convened a 1-hour Webinar called Getting Started with House Church.  The webinar included 4 speakers and more than 20  participants from around the US.

Listen to the Webinar here.

View the Powerpoint slides here.

Here is more information on the church that Bill pastors: Vineyard at Home   

Bill has also authored a book called : Homegrown: Our First Steps in Bringing the Church Back Home


What is Simple Church?

October 12, 2014


People all over the US are asking this question:  “Is there a way to simplify church”?  Day-to-day life seems as complicated as ever, but does church life have to be complicated?

We invited our friends Jim & Teresa Crothers, Vineyard pastors from Texas, to share about their experience of converting from “traditional” church to a “simple” church model.

You can read more about their experience here.

Feel free to listen for yourself here:

Session #1–What is Simple Church?

Session #2–Q & A Session

If you would like more information about the newly forming KC Area Simple Church Community, please send us an email at: raytownvineyard@gmail.com.

What is “Simple Church?”

October 6, 2014


We do church where people do life … at the university … at the business office … at Starbucks … at someone’s home.

We share a meal together … We worship together … We have a conversation about the scriptures … We receive some prayer … We talk about loving our neighbors

We see ourselves as those ‘sent’ to be missional [missionaries] to our communities / neighborhood / city.

Our model is Acts 2:38-39 a simple / organic way of doing faith.

We look to multiply – where as traditional churches look to simply add – we look to multiply. The 2’s become ‘4’s the 4’s become 8’s.

By keeping it very simple – every actually gets to play!