Fall of Rest–Come and See

August 14, 2015


We live in one of the most frantically charged societies the world has ever seen.  Many live with a “work hard & play hard” mantra. Even our faith walk can become another strained note in a grueling chord of weeks upon weeks piled up.

This Fall, we say “stop”. Let’s take a real time out and explore together what’s on “God’s Heart for Rest”.  What better season than Labor Day Weekend to get started?

We know that practicing Jews living by the letter of the Old Testament Law spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% of their “working hours” working, and then spent the other half of their time resting, by God’s decree. We don’t attempt to live under that Law–no one actually could.  But we do want to understand the heart of a Loving God who seems to have so much to say about Rest.

We invite you to a “Come and See” event on Sunday, September 6 at 4 PM.  During our time together, we will share a vision for a Fall of Rest which will run for 8 or 9 Sundays through September and October.   We will also be sharing a Pot Luck Dinner together immediately following.  There is absolutely no obligation associated with coming on September 6.

Just so there is no surprise, this Fall of Rest is part of the Raytown Vineyard Church’s primary weekly gathering.  However, you are more than welcome to join us for this Season whether you are currently looking for a church home or not.  You may be a member or regular attender at another church other times during the week, or you may be completely uninvolved and uninterested in a formal relationship with a church. If you feel led to join us in the Fall of Rest, we will leave it to you and God to figure out the particulars.

WHO: Anyone looking for God’s Rest.

WHEN: Sunday, September 6 @ 4 PM. Worship & discussion followed by Potluck Dinner.

WHAT: A “Come and See” Event to learn more about a 8-9 week Season of Rest.

HOW: We will ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s Heart to us individually through the week, and as we gather together, we will share what we have heard.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Let us know here:

Will Work for Love

September 4, 2011


Why work?

For money, for something to fill our lives with, for purpose in life?

God has a different plan!

When we work in partnership with God, our work comes into alignment with what God works for:  Love.

Feeling frazzled?  Just find out what God is doing…and join in!  Learn God’s rhythms and unhurried style…and work for Love!

If you would care to look ahead, feel free to review Matthew 11:28-30, which will be the centerpiece for our discussion.

Come and join us on Sunday at 5 PM as we CONNECT in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff, as we share a Sermon called “Will Work for Love”.