What is God Doing in Colombia?

October 31, 2013


Margarita Legarda is our Missionary Partner in Bogota, Colombia.  She works with Huellas de Paz/Footprints of Peace in a very humble neighborhood.

This week she shared from the heart some of the challenges and victories of her work through the last season.

We are honored to have Margarita as our sister and Ministry Partner.

Please listen and be encouraged.  Start by downloading the message here.

God’s Heart for Orphans

March 24, 2013

Adam Parker

This morning, Adam Parker shared with us about God’s Heart for Orphans.  Please listen here.

Adam Parker is Director of Safe Families at Orphan Justice Center. Adam and his wife Stephanie have 6 children, 3 by adoption and 3 biological. For several years Adam was a Youth Director and then one of the founding Directors of a Missions Base in Florida and has more than 12 years of leadership experience in ministry. Adam is full-time staff at the IHOPKC Missions Base. He has been a part of Orphan Justice Center since it’s inception and is now the Director of Safe Families for Children for OJC.

The Role of Kids in the Kingdom of God

September 9, 2012

Today, Lelonnie Hibberd came and shared a message about the Role of Kids in the Kingdom of God.

Go here to listen to this incredible encouragement that Lelonnie shared with us today.

Lelonnie Hibberd Teaches Kindergarten and Grade 1 Bible and has been with The Daniel Academy since its beginning.  Lelonnie came to Kansas City in 2004, for International House of Prayer. Lelonnie was born in Canada where she acquired a B.A. in Psychology and Canadian Teaching Certificate, then taught Kindergarten for four years.   She met her husband, Mike, in the UK, where they had three children, worked as children’s pastors since 1982 and were ordained in 2007. Lelonnie loves writing books about Jesus for adults and children, writes curriculum for Daniel Academy and both she and Mike long to see praying children at the center of the earth’s prayer movements.

Jesus as a Child

December 23, 2010

We get a clear picture of Jesus as a child in Luke 2:39-52.  In this passage, we see Jesus’s parents bringing him to Jerusalem to participate in the annual Passover feast.  Once his parents have started back home, they realize that Jesus is not with the rest of the party.  Three days later, they find Him in the Temple, listening and asking questions of the religous leaders.

Through this account, we learn about not just Jesus, but also about the role of His parents in raising Him.  For example:

  • Jesus’s parents were faithful to do all they were required to do as parents.
  • Although they were aware of Jesus’s identity, they seemed surprised to find Him in the Temple when they returned to Jerusalem.
  • Under their parenting, Jesus grew in all areas:  spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically.

This story raises a number of questions we will seek to answer on Sunday:

  • Why are kids not just the church of tomorrow, but also the church of today?
  • What kind of environment are we developing for kids at our church?
  • What role do parents have in our kids development?
  • What role does the congregation have in our kids development?
  • What role do we expect our kids to have in our church?

Come and join us on Sunday at 5 PM as we CONNECT in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff, and share a sermon called the Children of Christmas, Part 2.

Serving Raytown Kids through Partnership with Laurel Hills Elementary School

March 5, 2010

At the Raytown Vineyard Church, we are very dedicated to serving the needs of Raytown Kids.  While in some cases that means that we initiate new programs, in most cases that means that we come alongside other groups that are already doing wonderful work and add our energy to theirs.

Throughout the 2009-2010 School year, we have been enjoying the most wonderful partnership with Laurel Hills Elementary School, right here in Raytown.  This School has an incredbibly energetic and dedicated group of staff, PTA, parents, students, and service networks. 

Early in the year, we were able to help with Back to School Registration, Painting & Weed Control, and Back to School Welcome Bags for the entire staff.  During the course of the year, we have been privileged to participate in school-wide vision screenings, meet mid-year needs for school supplies, and assist in the weekly preparation of Backpack Snacks for kids in need.

In conjunction with our weekly service on Sunday at 5 PM, our friend Beth Dusin, the School Counsellor from Laurel Hills, will be sharing a brief update on our Partnership, and will share a few thoughts on these three questions:

1)      What are the family dynamics of the kids we are serving?

2)      What has our Partnership meant to the School?

3)      How can we further invest in our Partnership with the School to serve Raytown Kids?

Come and CONNECT with us as we CONNECT with God, with each other, and with the community.  Click here formore information about planning your visit to our church.

Praying for the Spiritual Gift of Teaching

January 31, 2010

This week, we have a real treat coming as Laurie Ducatte brings the next message in our series on “Praying for Spiritual Gifts”.  As a career nurse, Laurie has had the opportunity to learn and teach nursing skills in several different contexts, including:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Teaching “hands-on” clinical skills
  • Modeling 

We can learn a lot about how God may be calling us to teach others how to follow Jesus by considering how He has used each of these diverse methods to teach us. 

We know that God has already gifted our church community with many skilled at teaching, such as Laurie!  And tonight we look forward to inviting God to stir up the spiritual gift of teaching in our congregation, in our community, and in the Body of Christ worldwide.

Come and join us tonight at 5 PM as we CONNECT in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff, and bring a message on “Praying for Spiritual Gifts–Teaching:  Sharing God’s Truth”.

Raytown Vineyard Church Concludes 1st Year of Supporting Community Partners

January 7, 2010

From the very beginning, God has asked us to be a tithing church–where we give away the first 10% of our church’s income before we pay our bills.

As a new Raytown church completing our 1st year, we are committed to joining in with other ministries who are already doing effective ministry in our community.  This is a good opportunity for us to learn to be generous with no strings attached.

Thanks to God’s faithfulness through our generous congregation, we were able to give away over $7000 to community partners in the first year that we have been a church.

We have donated in Jesus’ name to these great organizations who are addressing critical physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs in the greater Raytown area :

Shepherd’s Center of Raytown http://www.shepherdscenterraytown.org/

Kansas City Alpha Invitation http://www.alphausa.org/Articles/1000048660/Vision_Event.aspx

Hillcrest Ministries  http://www.hillcresttransitionalhousing.org/

River of Refuge Dreamcenter  http://www.riverofrefuge.com/

Hope Network  http://hopeforraytown.org/

Open Door Dinner Program at One Spirit Methodist Church  http://www.gbgm-umc.org/onespiritumc/

Raytown Emergency Assistance Program http://www.raytownreap.org

Raytown Summer Lunch Ministry http://raytowncc.org/sites/default/files/pilot/pilot.pdf

Vineyard Overland Park—We were able to share a small donation with our “sending church” for their new building http://www.vineyardop.org

Raytown Educational Foundation  http://www.raytowneducationalfoundation.org

Angel Tree  http://www.angeltree.org

Hope Kitchen http://raytownfirstchurch.org/whatsnew.html

Living Word Testament Church–Another church plant right here in Raytown.

Caroling Party

December 23, 2009

Last night, a group of 17 (including 12 adults and 5 kids) took advantage of an unseasonably warm evening by taking the message of Jesus to the streets of Raytown.

After stopping at the residences of several elderly friends and members, our final stop was at Benetti’s Coffee Experience, in Downtown Raytown.

Afterwards, we wrapped up the evening at the Truesdale Home for some toe warming hot chocolate.

If you would like to be notified about our Monthly Service Projects, contact us.  The more the merrier!

Teaching our Kids about God’s Provision

October 29, 2009

Kids Standing

This week we take a break from the Book of Galatians to focus on how we can teach our kids about God’s character.  This week, we specifically will be addressing how we can teach kids about God’s provision.  While the role of individual parents might be the most obvious place to begin, there is also a role for our entire Kids Ministry team, and really for our entire church community.

The teaching for the week will be focused on John 6:1-12.  You might recognize this story as the miraculous “Feeding of the 5,000”.   What sometimes goes unnoticed is that the lone donor of the loaves and fishes was actually a child, who presumably gave everything he had.

This story raises a number of questions:

Generally how can we teach our kids about God’s provision?

How can we teach our kids the role of sacrificial  giving in seeing God’s miraculous provision? 

Is it possible that kids can teach adults about having the kind of child-like faith that God asks of us, especially in the area of God’s provision?

Click here if you would like an idea about what it would be like to come visit us this weekend. 

And click here if you would like to read the Bible passage ahead of time.

Feel free to post a note and join the conversation.

Thank you, on behalf of the kids!

October 21, 2009

Angel Tree Thank you

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in the Angel Tree Benefit on Saturday!  As a result of the fundraising that occured at this event, over 100 kids of inmates will be able to receive Christmas presents this year!

On behalf of the kids, we would like to to thank:

+The 50 volunteers who made it possible.

+Each of our many generous donors.

+Benetti’s Coffee Experience, who helped us promote the event, graciously provided their parking lot, contributed the s’mores fixings, and offered proceeds from some great drink specials in honor of the event.

+Jonathon Smith, who coordinated the sound and played with his awesome band, My Science Fiction Twin.

+Brendan Hollis, who came from Springfield to play for us.

+Tom Maloney at Business Product Solutions, (located right next to Benetti’s) who provided for numerous logistical needs.

+Matt Mace at the Raytown Fire Department, who provided a firetruck for the event.

+Mary Bliss, who demonstrated her pottery wheel, and provided proceeds from the raku she sold.

+Andy Houltberg from Prison Fellowship, who helped us communicate the blessing of Angel Tree.

+God, who gave us the opportunity to come together to share a great evening serving some wonderful kids for his glory.