National Day of Prayer, 2015 (A Guilt-Free Message on Prayer)

May 3, 2015


Thursday, May 7 will be the “National Day of Prayer”.

This week, we took a look at John 17:20-26 and shared a message on the National Day of Prayer, 2015.

If you would like to listen to the message, just click here.

Here are the main thoughts we explored together:

  1. God is UNITY.
  2. God demonstrates our identity to the World through Unity.
  3. God hears Jesus’s prayer for togetherness.
  4. God invites us to pray in Jesus’s name.
  5. God is sending a fresh wave of prayer to the USA.

Here are some questions to ask as we are reading and meditating on the Word:

Who is God?

How does God see me?

How can I pursue God?