Grand Finale of the Summer of Love ’09

August 30, 2009


100_3368Today we held our Grand Finale of the Summer of Love ’09 at the Swap Meet.  There were 33 who came down from Harmony Vineyard to join in with drama, live worship, prayer, and lots of energy, as you can see from the photo gallery!

We want to say a big thank you to the group from Harmony, and to the others who joined us from other Raytown area churches today.  In all, there were 56 who participated today!

We are going to miss the friends we made at the Swap Meet.  We look forward to dropping in from time to time.  Just let us know if you would like to join us some time.

Five more Sundays in the Summer of Love ’09

July 26, 2009

Its hard to believe there are only 5 weeks left in the Summer of Love ’09 outreach series at Nate’s Swap and Shop!

Each week, we have been gathering at the Truesdale house, then heading out to share God’s love with kids and their families.

We have been giving away free donuts and free ice-pops, and have been doing face painting and offering a craft project for anyone who is interested.

We have really enjoyed cultivating relationships with vendors, buyers, and their children, and we have sered over 200 kids each week!

Today, we had a first.  One of the vendors gifted us with a case of swim caps.  What did we do?  We turned around and gave them away, of course!

Whenever people ask us why we are out there giving away free stuff, we simply tell them that God has given us everything, and we are just here to give a small portion of what we have recieved.  Swim caps and everything!

There is always room for another hand or two, and we have plenty of room for more to join with us.  Try coming with us once–it will be the highlight of your week.

Raytown Vineyard is 6 Months Old!

July 5, 2009

Half Year Cake

This week, as we celebrate our 6 month birthday, we are especially aware of so many blessings.  Here are some highlights of what we have seen God do so far:

+We now have over 100 people serving on our Intercessory Prayer Team. 

+We have witnessed 3 adults give their lives to Jesus.

+We have baptized 5 adults and 1 nine year old.

+We have experienced numerical growth in several areas—especially in Ministry with Children.  The number of kids participating in our weekly worship service increased from an average of 13 kids each week in January to an average of 21 kids each week in June.  This last Sunday, we saw 27 kids!!!

+We have also ministered with an average of 200 kids (and their families) each Sunday in the Summer of Love Swap Meet Ministry.  (This ministry is scheduled to continue through the end of August.)

+We have provided simultaneous English/Spanish translation of our messages.

+We have experienced a strong level of multicultural multiracial participation, reflecting the demographics of our local community.

+We have developed strong partnerships with the city, the school district, local churches, the local media, and social service agencies.

+We have donated to eight other organizations doing great ministry in Raytown.  As a tithing church, we are committed to giving away the first 10% of funds received.

+We have met every single one of our financial commitments on time during this period.

+We have an outstanding core of leaders who are stepping up in every way!

There are plenty of ways to get involved, whether you live around the community, or around the world.  Be sure to check back later this week for a “Top 10” list of ways you can participate.

Launching the Summer of Love at the Swap Meet

June 7, 2009

A group of 8 kids and 8 adults was on hand this morning to launch the Summer of Love ministry at the Swap Meet.  We spent about 2 hours sharing God’s love with approximately 200 kids and their parents.

We got to give away donuts, flavor ice pops, and coloring pages.  We were also able to do free face painting.  We had a bubble machine going which was a great attraction for kids and adults alike.

Our multi-cultural, multi-racial team gave us great connections with the community at the Swap Meet.   We were able to pray with families in English and in Spanish.

We are planning to go to the Swap Meet each Sunday through the end of August.  Meeting at the Truesdales House at 9 AM to convoy out.  Please feel free to join us!