Alpha is a 10-week opportunity to explore the validity and relevance of the Christian faith to your life today.  It’s a respectful presentation on many facets of Christianity centered around a meal, a talk, and lots of time for discussion.   

People come for different reasons, from different backgrounds and with different opinions.  But at Alpha, those differences only add to the conversation and often lead to greater understanding.  Alpha is enjoyed and appreciated as much by those who have never set foot in a church as it is by regular church-goers. 

Life is full of tough times, shaky employment, relationship struggles, kid troubles and illness.  No matter what you are facing, Alpha is a place to ask why with the freedom to share or just sit back and listen.

Is there a God?  Why am I here?  Who is Jesus?  Alpha tackles these and other questions each week.  Chances are somebody in your group is wondering the same things you are. 

Building relationships is a central part of Alpha.  Some of the closest and most long-lasting friendships have been built on Alpha.  They go way beyond the standard “What’s your name? What do you do?”, so you connect on a more personal level.  Alpha Saturday (a full day of fun and experiential learning) is a great time to hang out, relax, and enjoy the stimulating talks and one another.  It’s amazing how much fun Alpha can be!  

Come to Alpha where you can share a casual meal, build some friendships, and enjoy lively conversation no expectations and no strings.  Come the first week, it’s not a commitment, just a chance to check it out to see if it’s for you.

We are also offering this experience in Spanish.  Tambien ofrecemos esta experiencia en Español.  Para mas informacion en español, toque aqui.

The Next Alpha Begins: 
Thursday, Sept 10th from 6:00-8:30pm

First Baptist Church of Raytown

10500 E State Route 350
Raytown, MO 64138-1811

Click here to register now.

To request further information, phone us at 816-916-6829, or send us a note at

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