The Raytown Vineyard Church Values Prayer

March 21, 2010


Why are we are investing so deeply in Prayer, through our gifts, time, and even our finances?  Because in 2010, we are asking God to make the Raytown Vineyard a Praying Church.  (Want to know more?  Check out the 2010 Prayer Invitation.)

After all, it is true that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. 

From the very beginning, God has asked us to be a tithing church–where we give away the first 10% of our church’s income before we pay our bills.

We have been blessed to commit over $1500 to the following Kansas City area ministries that are focused on Prayer.  This represents our way of sowing generously into becoming a Praying Church:

Citywide Prayer Movement of Kansas City

Kansas City Boiler Room                                     

Oaks of Righteousness