If God calls you “Qualified”, then you are Qualified!

October 15, 2011


Throughout history God has surprised many of us by calling us “Qualified” to do things we didn’t particularly feel qualified to do.

This is easy to see in the case of Saul, aka the Apostle Paul.

Before meeting Jesus, Saul’s life goal was to persecute and kill Christians.  His passion was to snuff out the church.

But when Jesus appeared to Saul, in a moment he turned his life around.  In the passage we are studying this week, we see that Saul’s  response to his calling as a Christian evangelist was to “immediately” proclaim Jesus in a very public way.

What can we learn from this part of the story of the early church?

1)  Jesus turns his enemies into friends.
2)  Being qualified by God is a measure of grace, and not anything else.
3)  In God’s economy, nothing in our lives is wasted.  God can even use our mistakes to advance the mission of love and reconciliation.

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