More of Jesus. Less of me.

March 24, 2011


This week we explore Peter’s great sermon found in Acts 3:11-26.  The graphic above is a model depicting the inside of the portico, where this extemporaneous sermon was delivered.

After a lame man was healed and started running around leaping and praising God, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a crowd gathered to see what was happening.  As was usually the case, Peter used this opportunity to take the spotlight off of himself and place it on God.

Join us this Sunday night as we answer these questions and more:

  • Why does Peter shift the crowd’s focus from the miracle to Jesus?
  • What does Peter hope the crowd will take away from the miraculous healing?
  • What is the relationship between healing and repentance in this passage?
  • What does Peter say about the blessing of being God’s chosen people?

If you would care to look ahead, feel free to review our Scripture passage for the week.

Come and join us on Sunday at 5 PM as we CONNECT in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff, as we share a Sermon called “Peter Speaks in Solomon’s Portico”.

Does God Still Work Miracles?

December 11, 2009
Anyone who knows the Ducatte Family knows that they are wholeheartedly devoted to loving God and serving people.  What some might not know is that nearly three years ago, their airplane crashed into the side of a mountain.  After walking away with only minor injuries, the Ducatte family is certain that God still does work miracles.

Their compelling story was covered by several media sources, including CNN!

This Sunday, join us at 5 PM as we discuss God’s sovereign power to work miracles in our world, and hear about this life-changing experience from the Ducatte family.

Click here for a sneak peak at Psalm 91, the Bible reference for the evening.

Click here for a sneak peak at the Ducatte’s story as reported by the Columbus Dispatch Newspaper.

*Please note that for December 13 only, the 5 PM Connect has been moved from 1st Methodist Raytown to the Truesdale Home.  For directions, please contact us.  As always, feel free to bring the whole family.  We have great stuff planned for the kids, too.