Praying for Strong Farewells

April 21, 2013

Jesus Servant

This week, we took a look at Acts 20:17-38 and received a Message on Praying for Strong Farewells.

If you would like to listen to the message, just click here.

Take a look at Praying for Strong Farewells. Then answer the questions about where you are with joining in with this Message:

7 Truths about God’s Servant

1. God’s servant serves the Lord with all humility and with tears.

2. God’s servant doesn’t shrink back from trials.

3. God’s servant is an “extremist” who values the gospel as greater than his life.

4. God’s servant brings the whole counsel of God.

5. God’s servant prepares people for the difficulties to come.

6. God servant is not afraid to work with their hands to meet their needs.

7. When God’s servant sees money, he sees souls.

Reflecting on Today’s Message

Can you identify people from your past who have served the Lord in the ways that Paul describes?

These days, who are the people your life who match Paul’s description of God’s servant in this passage ?

In light of the truth of this message, is God asking you to shift anything in your life?

Living by God’s Promises

March 19, 2012

This week, we examined Acts 13:13-42.  In this passage, Paul was asked to step forward and provide some encouragement for a community who had gone through a lot of adversity.  His message focused on God’s Promises.

God’s Promises reflect so much about His character.  And this panoramic view of the history of God’s Chosen People reveals plenty about God’s personality and the ways that He communicates and leads us through tough times.  God still encourages us with His promises today.

Take a look at Tim’s Top 10.5 Secrets about Living by God’s Promises.  Then answer questions about where you are in receiving and walking out His promises:

Tim’s Top 10.5 Secrets about Living by God’s Promises

1)                  God’s promises depend on His character and personality.

2)                  God’s promises are eternal.

3)                  God’s promises come to fruition in the fullness of time.

4)                  God wants to share His promises with us.

5)                  Sometimes things appear to get worse, not better, after receiving God’s promises.

6)                  We receive the fullness of God’s promises through faith.

7)                  Fear keeps us from receiving and seeing God’s promises fulfilled.

8)                  Unbelief keeps us from receiving God’s promises.

9)                  Bitterness & Offense keeps us from fully receiving God’s promises

10)              Write down and track God’s promises.

10.5)            As you are allowed to, share God’s promises with the ones around you.

Joining with God’s Heart for the Promises He has made to me

Is there anything that is keeping you from fully receiving what God has promised you?

Do you know 2-3 promises that God has shared with you?

Fasting for Breakthrough

March 4, 2012

This week, we examined Acts 13:1-3.  In this chapter, we saw an amazing phenomenon among the early church.  It appears that one of the key components for their decision making was Fasting.

For many of us, fasting is a not-to-often thought about spiritual discipline.  This week, Tim brought a message that included his Top 10.5 Secrets about Fasting, and then we were encouraged to respond by Taking our Temperature for Fasting.

Take a look at Tim’s Top 10.5 Secrets about Fasting.  Then take your temperature for fasting:

Tim’s Top 10.5 Secrets about Fasting

1)  Breakthrough has come in my life around 2-3 tools.  In the past 12 years, one of the most effective tools has been fasting.

2)  God doesn’t invite me to fast so I can get His attention.  He invites me to fast so He can get my attention.

3)  The early church saw fasting as part of a routine part of following Jesus. (Jesus didn’t say “if” you fast.  He said “when” you fast.)

4)  I only fast the things that God is asking me to fast for the period that He is asking me to fast, for the reasons He is asking me to fast .

5)  When I fast, I am accountable to someone.  There are practical reasons for this in the spiritual and in the natural dimensions.

6)  If I mess up in my fast, I don’t freak out and get distracted.  I just ask for forgiveness and press the “restart” button.

7)  When I am  fasting, I may have to accept that it could temporarily outweigh other important parts of my life.

8)  My fast really matters to God.

9)  I ask God for His heart for fasting instead of a religious spirit.

10)  When I fast, sometimes the anticipated Breakthrough comes immediately.  Sometimes the anticipated Breakthrough comes later.  And sometimes the Breakthrough is different from what I expected.

10.5)  As powerful as fasting has been for me as an individual, fasting as a group has been very dynamic.

Taking my Temperature for Fasting

On a scale of 0 to 10, you could rate my knowledge of Fasting at:  

On a scale of 0 to 10, you could rate my maturity of Fasting at:

In my walk with God, the next step in the area of Fasting is (Chose one or more):

Opening my heart, Learning more, Asking God’s forgiveness, Faithfulness with a current Fast, Seeking God’s Heart for a Personal Fast, Seeking God’s Heart for a Group Fast

On a scale of 0 to 10, you could rate my readiness to take the next step in Fasting at:

God heals people…through our hands

November 2, 2011


We see it again and again in the Bible–God heals people.  God has the power and sometimes uses it to reach down and touch people.  He created the universe with the power of his word, so it would make sense that if God wants to restore a person’s health, He can do it.

What could be a little more surprising is that God invites us to participate in the healing process.  Sometimes that happens through medical science, sometimes it happens through caring and compassion, and sometimes it happens through God supernaturally intervening in ways that go above and beyond what we could ever understand.  And sometimes God uses all three tools in pouring out healing.

At the Vineyard church, we are committed to becoming a community that offers and receives healing prayer.  We know that the results are always in God’s hands.  And often God invites us to use our hands in the process.

Join us at 5 PM on Sunday as we meet in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff and share a message called “God heals people…through our hands” based on Acts 9:32-43.

Join us on 9/11 at Raytown Baptist at 6 PM

September 7, 2011


This Sunday evening, we will not be meeting at our normal time and place.  Instead, we will be joining with thousands of other congregations for a national simulcast with Anne Graham Lotz and Joel Rosenberg.

We will be participating with this significant nation wide audience beginning at 6 PM at First Baptist Raytown, which is located at 10500 East 350 Highway in Raytown.

Click here for more information about this national event.

We will be back at our normal time and place on Sunday, September 18 (5 PM in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff).

Giving the Kids a Boost on our Shoulders

September 5, 2011
Kids don’t come with Instruction Manuals!  And we recognize that of all the jobs we are given in our lifetimes, raising the next generation is our biggest assignment! Our community’s kids will have much bigger and more complicated assignments than we could even imagine.
When and where do you get a breather to talk about your parenting job in a lighthearted way with people who understand?
In the hustle and bustle of life, do you need a spot to stop and share your victories and shortcomings in a safe and supportive setting?
This is a Small Group that will focus on Parenting, but it is open to Grandparents, Foster Parents, Encouragers, Prayers, and really everyone who is committed to raising the next generation to be even stronger than we are in their love for God and for one another.
It is sponsored by the Raytown Vineyard Church, but it is for anyone who wants to give a boost to the next generation by investing in our community’s kids and grandkids.

Still not sure about it?

Check out the “Come and See” event on Friday, September 9 at the Truesdale Home.  We will kick off at 7 with Snacks, and will start the program at 7:30. See if this is something worth spending 2 nights a month doing. No commitments–just check it out.  And by the way, feel free to bring the kids!

Evangelism is Introducing People to Jesus.

May 16, 2010

To be perfectly honest, many of us see Evangelism as a duty, an unmet need, even an area of unsuccessful personal experience.  Even if we are familiar with the Bible, we may not especially see Evangelism as a “gift”. 

Over the next two weeks, we will be comparing God’s role in Evangelism with our role.  We will be answering these questions and more:

  • What is God’s heart for Evangelism?
  • What “counts” in Evangelism?
  • Are you serious, does God really want me to do Evangelism, doesn’t He have a better plan to reach the World?
  • How does a “Praying Church” do Evangelism?
  • What will Evangelism cost me?
  • How can I get started?

Come and join us on Sunday at 5 PM as we CONNECT in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff, and bring a message on “Evangelism: Following the Spirit”. 

Feel free to take a “sneak peek” at the Scripture passage.