Praying for Coworkers

January 29, 2013

Praying Coworkers

This week, we took a look at Acts 18:18-28 and received a Message on Praying for Coworkers.

If you would like to listen to the message, just click here.

Take a look at Praying for Coworkers.  Then answer the questions about where you are with joining in with this Message:

7 Truths about Praying for Coworkers

1. God knows we cannot complete the task without help.

2. God is inviting us to yield.

3. God may send help through very gifted people.

4. God may send help through people who are still growing.

5. God uses Love to mold us together.

6. God says that it takes the whole church to bring the whole Gospel to the whole community.

7. God knows the  difficulties that will arise as we learn to share and it doesn’t bother Him.

  Praying for Coworkers

 What are 2-3 things that God is highlighting to you about praying for coworkers?

 Is there anything preventing you from receiving a full blessing of coworkers today?

 What is God asking you to lay down or pick up this morning?