Giving the Kids a Boost on our Shoulders

September 5, 2011
Kids don’t come with Instruction Manuals!  And we recognize that of all the jobs we are given in our lifetimes, raising the next generation is our biggest assignment! Our community’s kids will have much bigger and more complicated assignments than we could even imagine.
When and where do you get a breather to talk about your parenting job in a lighthearted way with people who understand?
In the hustle and bustle of life, do you need a spot to stop and share your victories and shortcomings in a safe and supportive setting?
This is a Small Group that will focus on Parenting, but it is open to Grandparents, Foster Parents, Encouragers, Prayers, and really everyone who is committed to raising the next generation to be even stronger than we are in their love for God and for one another.
It is sponsored by the Raytown Vineyard Church, but it is for anyone who wants to give a boost to the next generation by investing in our community’s kids and grandkids.

Still not sure about it?

Check out the “Come and See” event on Friday, September 9 at the Truesdale Home.  We will kick off at 7 with Snacks, and will start the program at 7:30. See if this is something worth spending 2 nights a month doing. No commitments–just check it out.  And by the way, feel free to bring the kids!

Serving Raytown Kids through Partnership with Laurel Hills Elementary School

March 5, 2010

At the Raytown Vineyard Church, we are very dedicated to serving the needs of Raytown Kids.  While in some cases that means that we initiate new programs, in most cases that means that we come alongside other groups that are already doing wonderful work and add our energy to theirs.

Throughout the 2009-2010 School year, we have been enjoying the most wonderful partnership with Laurel Hills Elementary School, right here in Raytown.  This School has an incredbibly energetic and dedicated group of staff, PTA, parents, students, and service networks. 

Early in the year, we were able to help with Back to School Registration, Painting & Weed Control, and Back to School Welcome Bags for the entire staff.  During the course of the year, we have been privileged to participate in school-wide vision screenings, meet mid-year needs for school supplies, and assist in the weekly preparation of Backpack Snacks for kids in need.

In conjunction with our weekly service on Sunday at 5 PM, our friend Beth Dusin, the School Counsellor from Laurel Hills, will be sharing a brief update on our Partnership, and will share a few thoughts on these three questions:

1)      What are the family dynamics of the kids we are serving?

2)      What has our Partnership meant to the School?

3)      How can we further invest in our Partnership with the School to serve Raytown Kids?

Come and CONNECT with us as we CONNECT with God, with each other, and with the community.  Click here formore information about planning your visit to our church.