Good News! God Has a Plan for Repentance.

March 17, 2011


As we are studying the Book of Acts, we come across this theme of repentance again and again.  So much so that we figure it must have been a fairly significant concept for the early church.  We will begin to answer some questions about repentance on Sunday:

  • What is true repentance?
  • Why was it so essential for the early church?
  • Is repentance an “individual” experience, or a “group” experience?
  • Is there are “right” approach and a “wrong” approach to repentance?
  • What should we expect about the role of repentance in the transformation of our community?

If you would care to look ahead, feel free to review Psalm 51, which will be the centerpiece for our discussion.

Come and join us on Sunday at 5 PM as we CONNECT in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff, as we share a Sermon called “God’s Plan for Repentance”.