Raytown Vineyard Missions Conference I–Spring, 2014

May 8, 2014

Missions Sunday


As we are learning more about Worship, we find ourselves drawn more into God’s Heart for Missions–because He is worthy!

Feel free to listen in as we heard this week from:

  • Dr Phil Truesdale spoke on the “Golden Thread of Missions”.
  • Margarita Legarda shared what she learned about God’s Heart for Children in the Footprints of Peace ministry among poor families in Bogota, Colombia.
  • Margo Preut and a team from The Daniel Academy reported on their Mission Trip to Juarez, Mexico.
  • Richard Tucker gave a preview of his family trip to minister in the red light district of Natal, Brazil during the World Cup.
  • Daniel Nakano’s Team brought a greeting and overview of their upcoming trip to Southeast Asia.