Sharing our God Stories

May 30, 2012

This Summer, we will be taking some time at Friday Night Home Group to share our God stories with one another.

In the Book of Acts, nearly every recorded evangelistic conversation began with “what Jesus did in my life”.  As we are exploring how the early church did things, we have the opportunity to try out one of their primary methods.  Every God story is a miracle that will increase our faith and hope.

Sharing our God Stories will also give us the opportunity to understand one another better, and to gain futher insight into everyone’s strengths and dreams.

Our volunteers so far for this Summer are:

Friday June 1–Wilburn

Friday, June 8–Crystal

Friday, June 15–Liza

Friday, June 29–Donna

Friday, July 6–Michelle

Friday, July 13–Jon & Lauren

Friday, July 20–No Home Group

Friday, July 27–Carole

Friday, August 3–Marjorie

If you are interested in sharing your God story, please let Tim know.

Friday Night Home Group meets at the Truesdales. Snacks at 7, and Worship starts at 7:30.

Need more information, including directions to the Truesdale’s: send a note here.