Mother’s Day is a Holiday for the Heart

May 8, 2010

Whatever else it includes, Mother’s Day is a holiday for the heart.  It is a day that naturally amplifies our feelings about Motherhood.

Our culture creates plenty of choices to celebrate the joy of Motherhood.  From greeting cards to Sunday brunches, we are surrounded by a field of opportunities to pause and show our appreciation.

But Motherhood doesn’t always match our picture of ideal.  Sometimes we walk through life with bittersweet feelings from imperfect mothers who didn’t meet our expectations and needs.  For some women, the desire to receive the gift of Motherhood remains an unfulfilled desire.  And for some who are mothers,   there is a nagging sense that “there is just not enough of me to go around”. 

The natural response to these shortcomings can be either to attempt to stuff our feelings by allowing calluses to build on our hearts at one extreme or on the other hand, to wildly throw ourselves into meeting the needs in our strength.

This week we will explore a third option:  prayer.  Come and join us on Sunday at 5 PM as we CONNECT in shared space at 5413 Blue Ridge Cutoff, and bring a message on  “The Power of a Praying Mother”.

Feel free to take a “sneak peek” at the Scripture passage.